Rent To Buy helps build new business in Spain

Mr D contacted us earlier this year looking to buy a rent-to-buy property in Spain that he could rent to tourists. After viewing a few different properties, he decided to buy a large 6-bedroom house on a double plot in the upmarket Tosalet area of Javea.

After spending money modernising and generally improving the property he was then able to inform us of exactly what his plans were for the property. Mr D has started a VIP golfing holiday business for which the main accommodation used will be the villa he is buying in Javea. During the peak hot summer months, he is going to rent the villa to sun-seeking tourists but throughout the rest of the year he will be offering his beautiful house as part of a fully serviced golf holiday for discerning clients.

The rent-to-buy concept has meant that with minimal outlay he has been able to start to purchase a grand property in Spain that is being paid for by his clients and that forms the backbone of his new business venture. If the business continues to grow as predicted, he will be buying other properties using the rent-to-buy approach in other areas of Spain including the Costa del Sol.

We wish Mr D every success with his business and we hope to be able to offer him and his business partners other properties in the near future. If you would like to know more please visit his website and make contact with him and his team.