Currency exchange when buying a Rent To Buy property

Below is an interesting article from Foreign Currency Direct regarding the currency exchange aspects of buying a property with a Rent To Buy contract. HOW FOREIGN CURRENCY DIRECT CAN HELP YOU WITH YOUR RENT TO BUY When exchanging currencies, it is always best to use a currency exchange company, like Foreign Currency Direct, as there… Read more »

Rent To Buy helps build new business in Spain

Mr D contacted us earlier this year looking to buy a rent-to-buy property in Spain that he could rent to tourists. After viewing a few different properties, he decided to buy a large 6-bedroom house on a double plot in the upmarket Tosalet area of Javea. After spending money modernising and generally improving the property… Read more »

TLA-Lawyers RTB overview

These lawyers have no connection with our business but they have written an interesting article about buying a property in Spain using a RTB option. They have given us permission to share the article. I’m sure they will be delighted to give you impartial independent advice if you need guidance.

Where it all started

Most of you won’t know us personally but we are Alison and Mike the owners of Rent To Buy Spain. Three years we started our own Spanish property journey with a rent to buy contract on a villa in Denia. The house that we have called home for the past three years became ours last… Read more »