Our Services

Here at Rent To Buy Spain we work in the same way as a typical Real Estate Agent but we focus solely on Rent to Buy properties. The other main difference is that we permit Registered users to directly upload details of their properties on our internet portal. This enables the property to be visible immediately to the hundreds of visitors we have each week that are interested in purchasing a property via a Rent to Buy option. We have our head office on the Costa Blanca where you can visit us in person, from where we deliver all the usual Real Estate functions such as listings, marketing, promotions, viewing and contract negotiation. Like all other Real Estate Agents, we have fees for our services, however due to the uniqueness of our approach they are different to those charged via a standard rental or sales agreement. We have aligned our charging structure to ensure that sellers are not paying any more than the standard 5% + IVA sales commission as charged by most Estate Agents in Spain for non-exclusive listings. Our fees are as follows: –

Registration Free of charge
Listing properties Free of charge
Private Sellers No more than 5% + IVA commission of the sales value. Initial fee is the equivalent to 30% (thirty percent) of the initial payment instalment plus IVA at the start of the contract and the equivalent one month’s rent at each 12-month anniversary thereafter (until sold at notary) The initial fee and annual fees are deducted from the 5% + IVA commission (of the sales value) when contracts are finalised at notary. *see below
Estate Agents Standard collaborative rates (50% + IVA each of both the rent and sale charges as above based on a 5% + IVA sale commission rate)
Property Developers Initial fee equivalent of 2 months’ rent at the start of the agreement plus 5% + IVA of the option sales value once the sale is finalised at the end of the term. The initial fee is deducted from the 5% + IVA commission
Tenants / Buyers Equivalent of 1 months’ rent + IVA at the start of the agreement and at each 12 month anniversary until purchased

* e.g. Private seller fees below based on 200,000€ buy option, within 2 years, 10,000€ upfront deposit, 1,000€ monthly rent

• 3,630€ – initial commission (equivalent of 30% of the initial payment instalment + IVA) • 1,210€ – 12-month anniversary commission (equivalent of 1 months’ rent + IVA) • 7,260€ – sales commission (5% + IVA – 12,100€ minus the pre-paid 3,630€) • 12,100€ – in total

Sunset Real Estate Agency, trading as Rent To Buy Spain, do not offer legal or financial advice as part of their service, they only act as introducers between Buyers and Sellers. Rent To Buy Spain suggest that both buyers and sellers seek professional legal and financial advice as part of their contractual arrangements. There are recommended lawyers and mortgage advisors on the ‘support’ pages of this website.